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Christine MacDonald

Recovering after a life altering moment

In 2006 Christine MacDonald was the healthiest she had ever been.  She was a runner, skier, spent lots of time outdoors and ate a healthy diet.  On the morning of May 18, 2006 her life changed forever when she was involved in a head on collision on her way to work.

The collision left Christine with both of her feet and her back broken.  She spent two weeks in Moncton Hospital for surgeries immediately after her accident.  Following these surgeries she was transferred to Souris Hospital to recover.  She was unable to stand or take care of herself when she arrived, but she was grateful to get back to Souris where her family and friends could visit.

Christine describes her care at Souris Hospital as genuine and professional.  She says, “The personal care here is second to none.  They made it home for me while I was here.  It was phenomenal.”  During her two month stay the whole staff worked together to make sure that she was well taken care of.  “They just did everything in their power to make me so comfortable.”  For Christine the compassion and patience that she was shown in Souris Hospital is incomparable.

Due to the nature of her injuries Christine’s recovery involved a wide variety of the health services available at Souris Hospital including physiotherapy, lab and x-ray services.  About physiotherapy she says, “It was crucial and it was daily.  To have it right here was perfect.  I got a lot of extra attention that I’m sure brought me to where I am today.”  The x-ray and lab were also essential to Christine’s recovery.  The lab monitored her blood while she was on certain medications, and x-rays were used to track the progress of her feet as they healed.

Christine truly appreciates the services that are available in Eastern Kings.  She relies on her husband, family and friends to accompany her to medical appointments further away because she finds the drive so tiring.  “When you’re not up to par and you need to travel for appointments it is quite exhausting.”  Having many of the services she needs in her community has been invaluable to her.

Nine years after her accident Christine has come a long way.  There have been a lot of big adjustments in her life, but she says, “It was an amazing journey for me.  Everybody that played a role in it I will never forget”.  Christine is a strong supporter of the health services available in Souris which have helped her get to where she is today. The Eastern Kings Health Foundation supports the hospital by helping purchase medical equipment to aid in the recovery and care of patients like Christine.

We need your support to touch more lives like Christine MacDonald. Donate to the Eastern Kings Health Foundation to help build our communities.

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