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Myrna Grant

Supporting people not just patients

Myrna Grant and her husband Jack have lived most of their lives in Souris.  Earlier in their marriage they had moved to Manitoba, but the ocean and the lure of home were just two of many reasons, which brought them back.

Myrna is no stranger to hospital care as she has had both or her hips replaced from osteoporosis in 1969 and 1970 and has had numerous stress fractures over the years.  Myrna feels strongly about having local care available, as Myrna needs regular appointments for her osteoarthritis, blood work for her hyperthyroidism, and x-rays and treatment for multiple stress fractures.  Living close to the Souris Hospital she is able to travel easily to many of her appointments.

Just over a year and a half ago, Myrna was hospitalized again, this time with pneumonia necessitating an 8 day stay at the hospital for treatment.  The seventh day of her recovery fell on her and Jack’s 58th wedding anniversary.  Her daughters had previously purchased tickets to John McDermott, and Myrna and her husband had been eagerly anticipating the concert.  Myrna recalls how her doctor weighed her stage of recovery and knowing how much it meant to her and her husband, gave her permission to attend concert, provided she returned immediately afterwards.  “It meant so much to me, being treated as a person, and not just as a patient,” says Myrna.

Over the years Myrna has had many experiences at the Souris Hospital where this was evident.  A few years ago, after an operation in Halifax to have one of her hips replaced, she was late returning by ambulance to Souris Hospital.  When she arrived she found that the staff had been concerned about her delay. “It was just like coming home. They had saved supper for me, and it was just so nice,” says Myrna.

Community is important to both Myrna and her husband and they value the ability to get care that they can count on close to home.

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