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Marilyn Lewis

A lifetime of care

Marilyn Lewis has always chosen to receive her health care in Souris.  She was born in the Souris Hospital, five of her six children were born at the Souris Hospital, and she still receives regular treatment at the Souris Hospital.

Marilyn and her husband live in St. Peters Bay. When she was 49, Marilyn was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis, a condition that is genetic, and in her case, requires weekly treatments. Every week she makes the short trip to Souris Hospital for injections, every six weeks she has blood work done, and x-rays when needed to manage her condition.

In 2003, Marilyn broke her femur bone and had a rod inserted from her knee to her hip. As she was recovering from her surgery, a doctor at the Souris Hospital suggested that she should consider homecare. Marilyn had been unaware that homecare services existed, but she is very appreciative of the care she received while recovering from her surgery.  The weekly home care visits to check her vitals and her wound, and also to give her the necessary shots for her rheumatoid arthritis, allowed her to successfully recuperate from surgery at home.

Marilyn and her husband have experienced a lifetime of care in Eastern Kings, having always preferred to be treated at the Souris Hospital because of the type of care provided. It is more than just the medical care it’s the personal touches. “They treat you like family,” declares Marilyn. Marilyn says she and her husband continue to choose care in their community because here you are not just a patient, “you are a person, a friend.”

“The care and the hospitality is phenomenal. They go out of their way to help you, to make you feel comfortable. You can’t mention one, without mentioning them all.  They are all wonderful.”

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