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Joe MacAulay 

“When you are told the odds are against you, keep positive and fight with everything you got,” says Joe MacAulay. He should know. A natural born storyteller from a long line of farmers in Eastern Kings, Joe has known hard work and long days. He was taught not to complain about what life throws at you, but rather to try to make the most of it. Born with asthma and a rare condition that gave him one lung smaller than the other, Joe has had a lifetime of health challenges.

Joe has always lived in Souris. He and his wife have raised their four children on their farm. Joe hasn’t let asthma or multiple bouts with cancer stop him. He was first diagnosed with soft tissue lymphoma in his lymph glands, and the Cobalt treatment he received left him with a pouch in his esophagus and mucus in his lungs which fills up and chokes him, unless he receives treatment quickly.