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Laura Whitty

A home close to family for Laura

There is no doubt family is important to Laura Whitty.  “My family is the best,” says Laura with a smile. Laura moved into the Colville Manor three years ago at the age of 93. Pictures of children, grandchildren and other family members decorate the walls of her room.

Laura had been living with her son in Farmington, but after having a stroke had to be moved to a place where she could receive more specialized care. First, she went to the Souris Hospital as the Manor didn’t have any available rooms at the time. She was in the hospital for about a year before she moved to the Manor. When speaking about the care she received at the Souris Hospital she says, “They sure do care.”

The move from the hospital to the Manor was a big change, but she quickly adjusted and soon started making friends. Some of Laura’s favourite activities are bingo and knitting dish clothes to give away to friends and family, which she’s been doing for most of her life.  One of her favourite things about the Manor is that she’s close to home, which allows frequent visits from family.

Laura and her family are very grateful that the Colville Manor can provide her with the care she needs and she speaks highly of the caring and competent staff. The Eastern Kings Health Foundation plays a critical role in funding medical equipment and materials needed by Laura and others at both the Souris Hospital and Colville Manor.

The Board of Directors of the Eastern Kings Health Foundation extend their sympathies to the family of the late Laura Whitty.

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