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Andy Mooney

The importance of getting care close to home

Andy Mooney was born in Charlottetown, but was raised and spent most of his life in Souris working on the family owned farm. It was in 2009 when visiting the doctor because of a flu, that the doctor noticed Andy’s kidney wasn’t working properly.  After being informed about his kidney, Andy started his dialysis treatments, which lasted around four months. At which point a family member was found to have a matching kidney, and donated it to Andy. Andy was a regular user of the Souris Hospital and the lab equipment before his kidney transplant, and still receives regular treatment.

When asked why the hospital in Souris is so important to him, Andy says, “I’m not on dialysis yet, but I’m very close. So the hospital is something near and dear to me, because I know it’s going to be needed.” Andy notes that other people also depend on the Souris Hospital for essential services, or will soon have to. For many people, it isn’t realistic or feasible to travel far outside their community to have access to essential health services.

Talking about the care he receives at the Souris Hospital, Andy says, “The care is so personal. There is something so special about being cared for by friends and neighbours-it’s almost like being home.”

Andy supports the Eastern Kings Health Foundation because it helps to keep health services available locally by funding needed medical equipment and materials. It’s crucial to keep these services in the community. Longer distances to travel to seek care create financial hardship and lead to people delaying necessary care. “It’s extremely important that the community pull together to keep these services here,” says Andy.

We need your support to touch more lives like Andy Mooney. Donate to the Eastern Kings Health Foundation to help build our communities.

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