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Souris Cooperative Association

Souris Co-Op Manager, David Fraser and Lilian Humphrey, Souris Co-op Board Member present a cheque in the amount of $2,000.00 to Board Member, David Nicholson of the Eastern Kings Health Foundation (center).  This installment brings the Co-op’s commitment to $23,000.000 in their $25,000.00 “People you know, Care you can trust” Campaign Pledge.

The support and generosity of donors like Souris Co-op is critical in ensuring the Eastern Kings Health Foundation  can purchase vital equipment and provide essential services to patients, residents and clients.

For more than 60 years, the Souris Co-op has been a community staple. As a wholesale food cooperative, Co-ops have been a source of livelihood for many community members and a supplier of quality food.

Since its establishment, Co-op has consistently given back to the community philanthropically, including its support of Eastern King’s Health Foundation and other community endeavors.

During The People you know, Care you can trust campaign, Souris Co-op’s board of directors and management generously decided to support the campaign at the Benefactor level.

“[We] agreed that it was an excellent cause and it should be supported by the Souris Co-op. The equipment that is needed at the hospital is vital for people of this area,” explains Co-op’s manager, David Fraser. “Giving back to our community has always been very important to us.”

David says that it’s the investments of time, finances, and other resources by community members that has helped to build and sustain Souris. He recognises that healthcare is one of the integral pieces of a vibrant community.

“Proper education, employment opportunities, and quality health care are the three very important aspects of any community to keep them viable.   Without quality health care, people with any illness could be forced to move to urban areas and away from their families.  There are also added personal expenses of travel and time to drive hours each day if services are not offered in Souris.  Having these services also provides career opportunities for local people. Having access to healthcare locally is beneficial in many ways,” says Fraser.

Fraser and other Co-op employees and board members encourage residents from the Eastern King’s communities to become involved in this campaign in any way they are able to.

“The Community of Souris and surrounding area has already been excellent in giving to this campaign. If someone has not done so yet, and are financially able to do so, we strongly encourage you to become involved in the campaign to help reach the goal and purchase new equipment as soon as possible.”

Souris Coop
Souris Coop


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