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Alan MacPhee of MacPhee Enterprises is a strong supporter of healthcare in Eastern Kings.


Alan MacPhee is not only a dreamer, but also a doer.

MacPhee is a successful entrepreneur and businessman. He uses his influence and achievement to better his local community in various capacities. For years, he’s been a vocal champion for health care access in Eastern PEI.

“The hospital has been in Souris for almost 150 years and for most of that time it was owned and operated by a local board. It is only in the last 25 years that the province has owned the hospital,” explains MacPhee. “It is important that the local community contribute in all ways to the operation and viability of the hospital.”

MacPhee is a long-standing employer in Souris. His company, MacPhee Enterprises, consists of the Main Street Mall, MacPhee’s Market SaveEasy, and Main Street Home Hardware Building Centre. For decades, the company has provided both meaningful employment and support to various community initiatives – including supporting EKHF.

To create sustainable vibrant communities, MacPhee says local healthcare is a key ingredient.

“Access to local quality healthcare is a basic requirement of each and every person and an essential ingredient to any functioning community. . . We must continually work on the awareness of the importance of vibrant rural communities to the province and the need to have local access to quality healthcare,” says MacPhee.

MacPhee is dedicated to sustaining rural PEI communities. His commitment is clear not only in his business endeavors, but also in his community involvement. He’s a past member of the board of directors of Pharmasave (Atlantic) Ltd, he sat on the University of Prince Edward Island Business Advisory Committee, he was a part of the PEI Economic Development Agency, and is currently a board member of the Eastern PEI Chamber of Commerce.

He encourages community members and fellow business owners to contribute to the community in any way they can.

“My message to other businesses is to get on board, do what you can, believe in the future and take personal responsibility. No one is more than one individual and we all have a duty to do what we can.”

MacPhee says Canada’s potential is great. He says we owe much to the veterans who made sacrifices to earn this modern society.

A natural storyteller, MacPhee says there’s a story from World War II that spurs him on to care for his community.

People were wondering how Europe would clean up the mess after the war. The response was that everyone will have to clean up their own backyard.

“I think modern society is like that as well – we all have a duty,” says MacPhee. “Our duty is to keep our own backyard clean – to work and fight, if necessary, for the things that are important in a modern democracy. We’ve inherited a wonderful legacy and have a duty to keep it and improve it and pass it on.”

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