Dr. Colin and Colleen Jack- Benefactor Level

Dr. Colin Jack has been the dentist in Souris since January 1982.  He and his wife Colleen have seen the integral role health care plays in a community, as healthcare professionals and as members of the community.

The Jacks believe that it is their responsibility as members of the community to support and maintain our local services in whatever way they can.

Over the years, Colin and Colleen have generously supported the Eastern King’s Health Foundation and now have contributed at the Benefactor level to the People you know, Care you can trust campaign.
They have always contributed to local causes – in the immediate community, provincially and within the Atlantic provinces.  Being part of a community involves sharing their good fortune, both financially and as volunteers.  This is another worthy cause in our community, so the Jacks are contributing along with their neighbours.

Colin and Colleen truly embody the spirit of giving and are highly regarded as generous and involved members of the community. They encourage other community members to become involved in this campaign and other community endeavors in whatever way they can.

“Whether contributing financially to a cause, shopping locally as much as possible, expressing our concerns to politicians or encouraging others to contribute as they are able, it is our collective responsibility to ensure that our community remains a living, evolving entity that serves the needs of all its residents.  We cannot rely on others to care for us; we must do what we can, when we can and trust that our neighbours will continue to do so along with us.”

The Jacks realize that if certain services in the community were not available, the community as a whole would start to decline. Healthcare is a necessary service that must be accessible by the members of the community on a regular basis.

For the Jacks, giving has deep-rooted meaning and offers a sense of lasting and worthwhile accomplishment.

“There is a sense of accomplishment when one’s community is a place where others can and do enjoy living.  Knowing that your contributions as a volunteer and your financial donations to campaigns throughout the years have helped to create and sustain that community is rewarding.”



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