Ching Brother’s Inc. – Benefactor Level

Ching Bros. Presenting Cheque to EKHF

As lifelong Souris residents, Eddie and Margaret Ching, feel a sense of responsibility to contribute to the vitality of the town. For them, being able to give back to the community they’ve called home for their whole lives is a privilege.

As owners of Ching Brothers Inc., an Irish potato farm in Red Point, they’ve been able to employ community members and financially support many worthwhile causes in the area, including the People you know, Care you can trust campaign. Richard also sits on the Eastern King’s Health Foundation Board.

Margaret says they are motivated to be part of ensuring the Souris Hospital remains open and that modern equipment is available.

“It’s great care here and you know everyone. It makes a big difference to be with friends and family when you’re in the hospital. It’s more personal care,” says Margaret. “We need to keep the hospital here and we need to keep the doctors here.”

For many Souris residents having to travel to Charlottetown or further for appointments can be daunting and sometimes impossible, especially for an aging population.

Margaret says that, “A lot of people would lose their healthcare and their value of life and healthy living if they had to travel a long distance all of the time because they just wouldn’t go. We’d really see a decrease in health if that were the case.”

The Chings realize that although many people are currently healthy and do not require much healthcare, there many come a day when they do. The Chings, along with many other community members, want to be a part of ensuring quality healthcare for future generations.

“You may be well now, but consider that if you do get sick you want to be close to home. It’s better for families […] I think everyone should stop and think that even if they’re healthy now, down the road they may not be. So consider the healthcare you’d want. It’s an investment in your own healthcare and it’s an investment in your community and in the whole area.”

Eddie and Margaret urge community members to contribute what they can to the campaign.

“Some people say, “We can’t give that. We can’t afford $100.” But every $5 counts,” says Margaret. “If that’s what you can give, that’s what is important. All of the fives will add up to thousands. We just need to keep It going. The community is generous. We’re not too far from reaching our goal, which is amazing. It proves that health is important.”

For the Chings, they’ve learned the importance of good health and good health care when dealing with sickness.

“If you don’t have your health, you don’t have anything. Money doesn’t matter. Nothing else matters unless you have your health. If you have your health, you can deal with almost anything.”

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