Arthur Mooney and Sons – Benefactor Level

The Mooney family knows the importance of a local hospital.

Merlin, David, and Andy Mooney are passionate about sustaining rural PEI communities.

The potato farming brothers want to help ensure community members have access to resources and services close to home. They’ve decided to support this campaign at the Benefactor level. Their support will help buy the required medical equipment and provide health services.

“For such a small community it’s nice to have a hospital where people can go. If someone needs to go to a hospital, they can go locally rather than driving a long distance,” says Merlin Mooney, president of the family farm, Arthur Mooney and Sons.

For the Mooney’s, having access to quality healthcare hits close to home. After having a kidney transplant, Andy Mooney realized that he would soon need to be on dialysis. “The hospital is something near and dear to me, because I know it’s going to be needed.”

Now more than ever, the Mooney’s see how crucial it is to keep health services available locally.

“A hospital is a key part of a community,” says Merlin.

The family urges fellow community members to contribute to local health care with whatever means that have.

“It’s extremely important that the community pull together to keep these services here,” says Andy.

The Mooney’s admit that it was a big decision to donate $25,000 to the campaign. They see it as a meaningful way to contribute to sustaining their community.

We should all make a contribution to the hospital to keep it going,” says Merlin. “If none of us put anything in, there will be nothing there to get out. It’s an investment in our future.”

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