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The People you know, Care you can trust Campaign was a great success! With your support, Eastern Kings Health Foundation raised more than our goal of $500,000 to help provide state-of-the-art equipment, vital to care in our region. This new equipment will enable us to maintain a high standard of local care for the people of eastern Prince Edward Island.Together we can ensure our residents and visitors have access to modern equipment to support their health care.

– Campaign co-Chairs Susan Birt and Andy Mooney


Digital X-ray

At Souris Hospital we were using the last analog x-ray machine on PEI. On average over 2000 x-rays are taken by the machine each year. The machine was nearing the end of its life and needed to be replaced. Thanks to your generosity, the new digital x-ray unit will be more comfortable for patients, reduce time required for procedures and provide better quality imaging which can be shared digitally among physicians and specialists, leading to better care for the residents of Eastern Kings area.

Laboratory Equipment

Chemistry Analyzer
A chemistry analyzer provides fast and precise analysis of blood specimens. It will be used for many things including protein analysis, testing blood glucose levels and testing liver, kidney and heart function.

Coagulation Analyzer
A coagulation analyzer test for coagulation factors in the blood. Tests may be ordered when someone is experiencing excessive bleeding or bruising. It will be used to reveal potential vitamin deficiencies, liver disease, and some cancers, and in regulating anticoagulation therapy for individuals prescribed blood thinners.

These tests must all be performed on quality equipment that enables the Hospital to meet Accreditation Canada standards. The previous equipment was nearing the end of its life and needed to be replaced.

Medical Equipment

The Hospital also needed a wound vacuum pump which works like a vacuum cleaner to remove blood and fluid from an infection, diabetic wound or post-operative site. This drastically decreases the rate of infection and increases healing to the wound. It also decreases travel time for treatment as dressings do not need to be changed as often and healing is greatly promoted.

We may have had a successful campaign, but the need to update our medical equipment and support our health system continues. Donate Now to the Eastern King Health Foundation.

We appreciate each and every gift we receive and gratefully thank donors who are helping us fund healthy communities.

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